Hi, I'm Joe Gehtto and I've been wirting songs for over twenty years now. 

Ted on Bass and Mike on Drums.

We're a good three piece band! We get the job done.

Some of this music will be re-recorded, just gettin to it is the thing.

More video's coming as well as Free online concerts.

I write and perform all the music on this site. I am an all original songwriter.

I've written over a hundred songs and keep on writing more

so get ready for more good music and video's. All of my music is protected

with copyrites and legally free to download.

Free MP3's. Cause at this site, music is always Free. 

Thanx for stoppin in.  

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ROCKERS:  GoodTimes Tonight - Living It Up - I Feel The Need - Children Of The Party - She's Got Legs - So High.

R&B's:           With A Feelin - Liven Life - I  Gotta Rythym - The Thrill Is Really Gone - I will Be The One - Memories In Time.

LOVE:           Loving Memories - You Will Love Another.     COUNTRY: When I love a Woman - REDNECK.       JAIL:  =LOCKDOWN=.

VIDEO : She's Got Legs : by Joe Ghetto

All the music and videos on my websites are written and produced and owned by me and copywriten by Library of Congress.

REDNECK song is currently being played though out the United States on all the CLEARCHANNEL country stations.

SO HiGH played the Clearchannel top ten new list on Z100 for a month at 7:30 every morning in New York City, New York.