ROCKERS:  GoodTimes Tonight - Living It Up - I Feel The Need - Children Of The Party - She's Got Legs - So High.

R&B's:           With A Feelin - Liven Life - I  Gotta Rythym - The Thrill Is Really Gone - I will Be The One - Memories In Time.

LOVE:           Loving Memories - You Will Love Another.     COUNTRY: When I love a Woman - REDNECK.       JAIL:  =LOCKDOWN=.

VIDEO : She's Got Legs : by Joe Ghetto

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REDNECK song is currently being played though out the United States on all the CLEARCHANNEL country stations.

SO HiGH played the Clearchannel top ten new list on Z100 for a month at 7:30 every morning in New York City, New York.